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Tree & Shurb Service for Beautifully Healthy Trees & Shrubs

Let a licensed Arborist with many years of experience take care of your valuable landscape ornamentals.  McGuire Services, LLC can provide treatment and protection for all of the woody ornamental plants on your property.  We will include all foundation plantings such as rhododendrons and azaleas, ground covers and certain trees such as crabapple, birch and hemlocks.

Shrubs in Garden


Trees and shrubs are a very valuable landscape investment, as they provide plenty of privacy and beauty for your home and property. With that in mind, our treatments will help to maintain the health and vibrancy of the landscape.  For best results, we'll provide 6 visits to your property at regular intervals throughout the growing season.   Applications include an early season horticultural oil, spring and fall deep root fertilization and a series of 3 insect/disease applications.   

Our program will control insects such as Japanese Beetles, lace bugs, spider mites, adelgids and aphids. We'll also protect your trees/shrubs from disease problems such as leaf spot, powdery mildew and apple scab.

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